About OG

OG Fightwear is a combat sports brand born in Thailand. 

We 'Support Nxt-Gen Athletes'.

Founded in 2022 in Phuket - the fighter's paradise home to many of the world's greatest combat superstars and training facilities - OG Fightwear was launched to support talented athletes on the rise. 

Our original OG Fightwear apparel and equipment, our unique 'Nxt-Gen Programme', and our wide community of athletes, coaches and partners - all aim to elevate the next generation of combat warriors.


Nxt-Gen Programme

Our Nxt-Gen Programme funds athlete sponsorship and other supportive causes in the martial arts community using one third of OG Fightwear sales profits. 

The programme was launched during the COVID-19 pandemic, when athletes struggled with cancelled events and less sponsorship opportunities. In response, we started a programme to support talented combat athletes in Thailand.

In addition to providing OG Fightwear apparel and equipment, we created a platform for local businesses to help sponsored athletes reduce costs in key areas of their training and recovery. We've now supported over 50 athletes around the world, from amateurs to world champions.

We've also initiated community projects such as the OGF4 Academy in Bangkok and Nxt-Gen Days - in partnership with the Fight for the Future Foundation - to help young people from underprivileged backgrounds access education and career opportunities through the practice of martial arts. 


Athlete Sponsorship

For fighters at all grades there are hidden costs that come with the daily routines required to compete at the top level. 

We provide athletes with sponsorship and OG Fightwear apparel and equipment, and help athletes to reduce the costs of their training, recovery, nutrition and other professional requirements through Nxt-Gen Programme partnerships. 

Our media team also helps athletes tell their stories to the world through high-quality content across our social media channels.


OGF4 Academy

In addition to supporting amateur and professional athletes, our Nxt-Gen Programme helps those with less fortunate circumstances.

We believe in the benefit of martial arts and its community, and have partnered with the Fight for the Future Foundation to create a brighter future for young individuals. 

The OGF4 Academy is a community-based project launched by the Fight for the Future Foundation and OG Fightwear. Situated in the heart of the notorious Khlong Toei slums in Bangkok, the OGF4 Academy offers young members of the local community free MMA and Martial Arts training. The project also provides structured pathways for education and career opportunities from the practice of martial arts.

We are grateful to our partners and sponsors that help support the work at the OGF4 Academy, and to the athletes and coaches that generously offer their time to visit, train, and inspire the next generation.


OG Media

OG Fightwear's media team delivers daily content about our community and sponsored athletes across our channels.

Online media and content marketing is a key part of being a modern-day professional athlete - helping to build an international fanbase and leading to better opportunities from major sports organisations and sponsors. 

Our media team helps our athletes, partners and community produce a wide range of media to reach new audiences and promote their stories. 


OG Channels

Follow us on our social media channels for all the latest content on our community, sponsored athletes and partners.

OG Frequencies

The OG Frequencies Podcast showcases the stories of our sponsored athletes and members of our community. 

Available now on the OG Frequencies YouTube Channel.

Ibragim Dauev Wins at ONE Fight Night 18
Nabil Anane Wins at ONE Friday Fights 46
Dilshoda Umarova Wins at RCC: Intro 30
OG at the 2023 Siam Cup
Siam Cup OG Fightwear Bangkok
Amirzhanov Wins at ONE Friday Fights 41
Khlong Toei Fight Festival OGF4 Academy OG Fightwear
Amirzhanov Returns to ONE Friday Fights
Ben Royle Wins at ONE Friday Fights 40
Karolina Arm wins MMA debut at South East Asia Fighting Championship
Patrik Szana Wins ONE Muay Thai Debut
Anatoly Malykhin visits the OGF4 Academy
OG at the AMMA Championships
Anatoly Malykhin hosts OGxF4 'Nxt-Gen Day'

OG x Fight for the Future Foundation

The Fight for the Future Foundation is a non-profit organisation providing opportunities for underprivileged children to pursue career paths through the practice of martial arts. 

The foundation supports various martial arts disciplines across Thailand, and facilitates pathways for children to compete at local, provincial and national levels, with the ultimate goal of Olympic representation.

Fight for the Future Foundation also assists underprivileged youths in obtaining scholarships at many Thai universities through the practice of martial arts, granting them access to higher education and improved job opportunities.

Our Nxt-Gen Days and the OGF4 Academy in collaboration with Fight for the Future Foundation and other partners offer children the opportunity to train with world-class martial arts athletes, and receive guidance and inspiration through interactive workshops and engaging classes.


Local Partnerships

Thank you to the partners that have supported the OGF4 Academy and/or Nxt-Gen Programme.

Wholesale, Collabs & Athlete Sponsorship

We partner with individuals, teams and companies around the world to promote OG Fightwear and our community.

Contact us today to find out more about being a wholesale distributor for OG Fightwear, how to collaborate with us on custom products or to become a sponsored athlete.