About OG

OG Fightwear is a combat sports brand based in Thailand.Our slogan is 'Support Nxt-Gen Athletes' and our mission revolves around promoting up-and-coming fighters thatare working towards greatness.The brand was founded in 2022 in Phuket - the fighter's
paradise home to many of the world's greatest combat
athletes and training facilities.

Nxt-Gen Programme

The Nxt-Gen Programme aims to fund athlete sponsorship through our fightwear sales, as well as partnering with a number of supportive local businesses to offer athletes at all levels from amateurs to world champions - assistance in their training camps and fight promotions.

Athlete Sponsorship

We've supported dozens of fighters from around the world,from arranging promising amateur athletes with their first professional fights and training camps - to helping more experienced professional fighters as they adjust to training and competing in new organizations and regions.

Athlete Sponsorship

Fight for the Future Foundation is a non-profit organisation that strives to provide opportunities for underprivileged children to pursue a career path through the practice of martial arts. The foundation supports various martial arts disciplines across Thailand, and facilitates pathways for children to compete at local, provincial and national levels, with the ultimate goal of Olympic representation.